Company profile

Coolux is a phenomenal company which focuses on digital optics product research,development and promotion. The company is a subsidiary of Sichuan Vinew Science &Technology Co.,Ltd, established in 2001. Coolux inherits and carry forwards the traditional advantages of the parent company in the field of projection photoelectric display (DLP, 3LCD, single LCD technology, etc.).Besides that Coolux pays more attention to mini projector field driven by LED and other novel lighting technology (CF-LCOS,LCOS,DLP and MEMS). The company not only has a large number of professional personnel, the modern advanced production technology and testing equipment, but also it holds more than ten years experience in design and production, rich skills and strong R&D capability in the field of projector.

At present, Coolux has Coolux (cool music, as) Mini palm type projector, coolby (Ku Bei) Mini palm sized projector, and customized projector products to meet different consumer’s requirements. The company sets up directly promotion, sales and service agencies in America, Europe, east of Asia and Mid east of Asia. Coolux’s goal is to promote the overall portable projector markets and its application, provide portable, intelligent, fashion,and cost-effective products for global consumers, enhance the users’ convenience, fun, efficiency in work, entertainment, and free life.