Brand memorabilia
In April Released the company's first pico projector: Coolux α1 In Semptember Interviewed by CCTV10 Science and Education Channel In October Released the first mass production highlight LCOS pico projector: Coolux α2
In December Released HD DLP Projector: Coolux X2
In January Released 3D HD pico projector: Coolux X3 In May Released DLP-LINK 3D HD pico projector: Coolux X3+ In June Released coolux handheld LED pico projector: Coolux Q5 In October Released 1.3x optical zoom pico projector: Coolux S2 In December Released phone companion projector coolux Q6 coolux S1 as S2 sister model
In June Released Coolux Q6 Elite version NEW Pre-sale purchase 4 days to break 40,000 units In July Released Coolux Q6 Ultimate NEW,once again defining the handheld flagship In November Released 19.5mm ultra-thin mobile screenless TV:Coolux X6 series
In January Released Coolux Q7 standard version(Linux), brightness performance increased by 100% In March Released Coolux Q7 Ultimate(Android),a handheld theater that can be seen during the day In June Released Coolux Q7-fourth generation handheld new flagship with 6 major upgrades In December Released Full HD Universal Storm Smart Projector R4/R4S
In May Released the first XGA-Display LED projector:Coolux α3 In November Released the domestic hot sell XGA-Display pico projector: Coolux α3+ In December Released the first DLP protable projector: Coolux X1
In September Released high-performance high-definition highlight pico projector: Coolux X2 elite version
In October Released projector for family:Coolux U+ theater X5/X5C
In March Released "Full Color Highlights" enthusiast pico projector: Coolux S1+/S2+ Super Cinema In June Released the big screen theater Coolux S3,creating a good result of crowdfunding of ten million
In September Released smart speaker projector R4 mini Expect more highlights